As a "Wholesale only Distributor" we partner with Dealers and Manufacturers to deliver unique products and solutions that help solve their clients most complicated needs. Our services are designed specifically to help small to large Resellers, and at a small business price.

Utilizing decades of industry experience and expertise, Smoltz Distributing goes beyond the norm to develop Dealers, drive results, and help grow their business.

In today's day and age many distributors outsource their warehouses and services which could potentially create security issues and harm the future of your business. Our warehouses are company owned eliminating all potential problems. With nationwide coverage, same day shipping, and our commitment to exceed all expectations, you can count on us to deliver first class service.

Because our expertise and focus is Dictation Products we are able to provide Best-in-Industry service and support. With the help of our Consultative Account Managers, and our Technical Specialists, Dealers are able to easily convert their leads and close sales.

Need marketing assistance? Our large in-house marketing department can provide and create what you need when you need it with fast turnaround time.
State-of-the-Art Logistics

Our warehouses are equipped with state of the art technology to ensure FAST and ACCURATE Same Day Shipping. You can sit back and relax knowing that our Warehouses are Company Owned eliminating any security issues for you and your clients. They are strategically placed throughout United States (including one location in Ontario, Canada ) ensuring your customers get their products on time.

Full Service Center

We know how important Fast Turnaround today is. With over 58 years of repair Experience dedicated to Dictation and Transcription Equipment - you can expect just that. We continue to invest in Cutting Edge Technology for our Service Center, and consistently improve and adapt to changes around us. We believe that this is a must in order to offer Best-in-Industry Service and Support.

Comprehensive Technical Support

It all comes down to what you know. Smoltz Distributing focuses its Expertise on Dictation and Transcription Products and Services which is why we Deliver Best-in-Industry Dealer support. Starting from our Consultative Account Managers to our Support staff we are here Every Step of the Way helping your business save Time and Money while increasing profits.

Sales-Centric Marketing Support

In order to continue to Exceed Expectation we have implemented an Extensive Sales-Centric Marketing Support for our Dealers. Whether you need Sales Brochures, Product Images for your website, or Professional Product Photography services we can do it all. Need something completely customized? Not a problem. Our in house marketing team will work with you to help with all your Digital and Traditional Marketing requests.

Multiple Warehouses
Full Service Center
In-house Marketing Services
Coast-to-Coast Coverage
Technical Specialists
Dedicated Sales Team
Access to 12,000+ SKU's
Reseller e-Solutions
Same Day Shipping
EDI, Custom Feeds
Wholesale Only
Award Winning Distributor
Fast, Accurate Shipping
Why choose us?
"With nationwide coverage, same day shipping, and our commitment to exceed all expectations, you can count on us to deliver First Class Service"
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